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Monday, February 21, 2011


Centring and grounding are important tools to ensure that you remain present in your body in any situation. There are many methods for grounding, some of which are listed below.

The first two methods assist in bringing energy inwards and downwards.
  • Breathing (particularly slow, deep, steady pranayamic breathing)
  • Eating (enhances connection with physical, earth based element

Some yoga poses are grounding, including:
  • Padmasana (or sitting cross legged on the ground).
  • Balasana, Child’s pose, Turtle Pose (sitting on bent legs, bent forward with forehead on floor)
  • Spinal Roll up (hang loose in forward bend and breath deep, then bend knees and slowly roll up vertebrae by vertebrae, so your head comes up last. Roll shoulders back at top and stand tall with feet firm on floor.)
  • Lying flat on your back feeling the solid ground beneath you, supporting you.

  • Stones useful for grounding may be held or laid on the body or meditated upon. These include black, brown, and red stones, in particular Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, and Black Opal. In addition, Blue/Green Obsidian is said to assist in energy transfer during Reiki treatments.

  • Standing with feet even and solid on ground, especially outside with bare feet.

  • Putting bare hands or feet in the earth.

  • Concentration on root chakra, or meditative visualization of anchoring the root to the Earth centre.

  • Meditative Visualization of tree-like root connecting the body/root chakra to the soil beneath.

    Practice these when you feel calm and clear and you will be able to recreate that feeling even when times are tough and you feel scattered!

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