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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Herbal Medicine Clinical Hours

I am currently in my third year of study in a full time Phytotherapy (medical herbalism) program at Pacific Rim College in Victoria. Clinical herbal consultations are currently offered for FREE!! You simply pay for your herbs. 

I am currently offering clinic consultations open to the public: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 330 & 5pm. 

Herbal consultations are offered to provide holistic health care and treat a wide range of ailments. During the consultation you will have time (about an hour) to discuss your health history and your current state of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Following the consultation I offer nutritional and lifestyle guidance and a customized herbal formula. Herbs may be in the form of a tea, tincture, capsule, or topical cream depending on your needs. 

To book an appointment: please call Pacific Rim College (phone: 250.483.2119). The college is located in Market Square @ 229-560 Johnson Street, Victoria BC. If you are not available at these times it may be possible to schedule another time. The college also offers a community acupuncture clinic! 

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